Our team

C.E.O / founder / programmer

michael slater

About me

I have worked on movies like Avatar, Blade runner 2050, Avengers and many more developing the most cutting edge technologies.

Its important in life to inspire people for a brighter future and make the impossible possible.

  • 20 years visual effects for movies
  • worked on revolutionary software
  • leadership and management

Visionary for future technologies.

A.I. specialist, node builder and the first test A.I. cat

grumpy cat

About me

I am the first cat ever on nodeflow. Hours of testing  drag and drop with my own face.

Its important for everyone to know how intelligent cats are. With A.I. tools like nodeflow cats can take over the world.

  • flying spaceships
  • speak many alien languages
  • king of the cats

Being grumpy, cat naps, ninja